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Home State: NC

Adoption Country: USA

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We're Luke, Rebecca & Micah Adams and are currently pursing domestic infant adoption. We're thankful you've chosen to visit this page and would welcome you to our blog at so that you can continue to follow our journey. We would very much appreciate your prayers and encouragement and would be happy to answer any questions you may have for us!

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Dave Kunz

"Luke & Rebecca,

I have recently moved from San Antonio back to DC. I haven't settled on a church yet, so I have money set aside for tithe but don't feel comfortable just giving it to any church that I don't regularly attend. I do believe however, that it is not mine to keep just because I'm in between churches. I have read your blog many times and continue to feel this would be a perfect use for the money. You are trusting God in this endeavor and putting the needs of a child above your own. Thank you for letting me be a part of your selfless act of adoption.

Luke, plainly put: This is from one poor boy to another!! Thanks for being a great friend. Maybe we can catch up some time. "
- Given July 13, 2011
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