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"Over the past 3 1/2 years, many of you have grown to love a little girl named Bermet. She has forever earned a place in our hearts as we have loved her and prayed for her for many years. Although Bermet now has a different family in Kyrgyzstan, there are many children who still do not have a family to call their own. So, I've opened my heart and will soon be opening my home to a little 18 month old girl from Kyrgyzstan."

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Fundraising Goal

Our Goal: $10000

Current Amount: $1855

Personal Info

Home State: VA

Adoption Country: Kyrgyzstan

Adoption Agency: Christian World Adoption (CWA)

Our Story

After 4 1/2 years of the long journey to find the children who need me for a mommy, it looks like it may soon come to an end. The challenges have been immense, yet the passion and desire to provide a safe loving home for vulnerable children has not waned. Rather, it has grown exponentially as a result of the many trials. My heart is wide open! With God's guidance, I recently learned about a little girl (aka: the Little Blessing) who needs me for a mommy and Emerson for a sister. I will need to travel to KG 2 or 3 times before I can bring the Little Blessing home. The travel expenses are significant and I'm struggling to finance this last phase. So, I've set up the fundraising site as a means to reach the end. Will you be able to help by sending a Good Wish, praying, or making a contribution to help defray these expenses? Know that you will have a direct impact on providing a safe, loving, permanent home for a vulnerable orphan.

A Good Wish from

O'Connor Family

"Pamela, your drive and love for your kids is inspirational! Good luck, love Occa, Wen, May, Alice, Penny!!"
- Given May 17, 2012
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