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"We know that the origin of our child is not as important as having a child to love, cherish and complete our family."

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Personal Info

Home State: VA

Adoption Country: Domestic

Adoption Agency: A Guardian Angel

Our Story

Oct 1 - We're MATCHED!!!!

September 17th update: Nearly 6 months of waiting...testing our patience is an understatement...*sigh* Still saving, fee's around ever corner and travel costs as well. Signed up with 2nd agency and a facilitator. Hoping for a match soon!

Dear, eyelashes, wishbones, dandelions, 11:11, pennies and shooting your job!!! ;-)

Welcome to the Scott, Sue and Zigs Family Expandin' Journey Page! Scott and I are so excited to be adopting a child to love, cherish and complete our family.

In lieu of shower gifts we are accepting good wishes, lots of prayers and if you feel so inclined donations. We will have a big celebration when our little one arrives, in the meantime we are raising funds towards adoption fees and the mad-rush Target shopping that will be done when we are actually bringing baby home.

As our social worker said, now the hard part…waiting. Fingers crossed our wait is short and we soon have a little one of our own.

Thank you

A Good Wish from

Mom and Dad

"I am so proud of you and Scott. You have handled a difficult times with resolve, grace and love. You will make awesome parents. And Dad and I will make awesome grandparents. We love you and support you.
Mom and Dad"
- Given April 13, 2012
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