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Fundraising Goal

Our Goal: $8000

Current Amount: $220

Personal Info

Home State: NH

Adoption Country: China

Adoption Agency: China Adoption with Love, Inc

Our Story

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page! We are parents to a wonderful 3 year old boy, and for quite some time we have hoped to share the joys in parenting another child. After much thought, we decided to adopt a waiting child from China. We have just recieved final approval to adopt this beautiful 16 month old girl. We really believe in adoption, and feel that it is an amazing way to grow our family.
We decided to start this fundraising page because, although we planned very carefully for the many expenses involved in this adoption, we had a pretty major fundraising source fall through. Since we are set to travel in the next two months, we are definitely getting nervous. We have had garage sales, sold various items online, and we have also applied for grants and loans, though we are still short. We put our fundraising goal at $8,000. Even if we don't reach this goal, we are eternally grateful for any help.

A Good Wish from

Caroline DeCunzo

"Every child deserves a loving family! Best of luck with the long process, and congratulations!"
- Given February 23, 2013
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