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"We have been matched with a precious young birth mother who is due at the end of September. We still need to raise funds in order to bring this little girl home. Once she is placed in our arms we will have to remain in Florida for up to two weeks before we can bring her home. Please feel free to pass this email on to anyone you can think of who may feel moved to invest in her life!"

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Personal Info

Home State: PA

Adoption Country: United States

Adoption Agency: Christian Adoption Consultants

Our Story

There are so many children in the world who need loving families. For us the natural response is adoption. We have already adopted one child and desire to give another child a forever family. Our hearts are moved with love for all of the orphans in the world and realize we can make a difference in their lives, one child at a time. We have one biological child but have chosen adoption as the way to build the rest of our family. Update 9/9/13 Just a few more weeks until our sweet little one is born. We have made our adoptive parent hospital plan. This plan tells us what sort of interaction we can have with the birth mom while in the hospital and how soon we can see our baby. SO much to organize and money to raise still!

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The Harpers

"Here's to bringing Camp Hill's next little football star home to a wonderful family. We can't wait to start kicking the ball around with her. She'll be out of her pink booties and into little pink cleats in no time at all."
- Given August 21, 2013
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