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"Our goal is to initially raise $5,000 to help with our adoption costs, travel, fees, and other expenses to help bring our daughter, Elynne, home from Ethiopia. We are extremely grateful for any and all donations and gifts that our family, friends, and supporters can contribute. Most of all, we are thankful for your prayers and words of encouragement. There are many unknowns ahead, but we are going on faith, and pray that God continues to guide us on this journey."

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Fundraising Goal

Our Goal: $5000

Current Amount: $650

Personal Info

Home State: VA

Adoption Country: Ethiopia

Adoption Agency: Lifeline Children's Services

Our Story

How did we come to adoption, and from Ethiopia?

We talked about adoption while we were dating over ten years ago. We both thought we might like to adopt someday and probably from Africa. Two years ago, about New Years 2011, we had been trying for 6 months to get pregnant with our third child. Between our two boys Carly had taken Clomid to get pregnant, and we miscarried a child. After having our two healthy boys, we didn't feel like we needed to push it to have a third. So many people struggled to have just one healthy child, and there are so many children in the world who need a home and loving family of their own. The more we talked, we decided that we wanted another child, but didn't care if she was biologically ours or not, she would still be OURS.

We knew we would adopt a little girl, but from where? We feel like we've been around the world 4 times. We started looking into Rwanda, but they closed two months before. We looked at Uganda, but their in country stay was at least

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Melissa Witten

"Love you guys!"
- Given April 15, 2013
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