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Home State: FL

Adoption Country: USA

Adoption Agency: Private Attorney

Our Story

During our adoption journey we ran across a sibling group of 6. It was never our intent to adopt this many children; however after meeting them we fell in love. Reality of the financial burden for taking in 6 additional kids is taking a toll. Preparation for the kids included shopping for furniture and clothes. We took out a large loan with thoughts to just get them set up and then we can start paying it off. Other expenses include counseling due to trauma from their previous situation and being thrown in the foster system. The kids are all behind in school so tutoring is a necessity. Their dental estimate is $80K. Child care $4K a month. We’ve sharpen our pencil to get creative on ways to save money, but we always come back to the only way we see we can make this work is if my wife can stay home, but we can't do that without lowering our expenses. My wife and I are not the type of people to ask for charity, in fact just the opposite but we need your help – Please.

A Good Wish from

Claudia lieuw

"Mat God bless you every step of the way and we hope this little bit of help will be followed by many more for what you do there are truly no words.
We hope you'll be able to continue to guide and give those children the amazing life they deserve! We're friends with Donna and Blane and we saw your post. Many blessings send your way.
With lots of love, the Lieuw family"
- Given January 28, 2016
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