Jeremiah's 100 Good Wishes

"We are trying to raise $6,500 for our trip to Taiwan to pick up our son Jeremiah!"

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Fundraising Goal

Our Goal: $6500

Current Amount: $927

Personal Info

Home State: LA

Adoption Country: Taiwan

Adoption Agency: Heartsent Adoptions

Our Story

We are the Sisemore Family! We are adopting 23 month old Jeremiah, aka FROGIE BOY, from Taiwan. Jeremiah has severe Cerebral Palsy and Visual Dysfunction. We have paid all agency and Orphanage fees and are our goal now is $6500 for travel and in country expenses for picking up Jeremiah! We invite friends and family to be a part of our Jeremiah's Adoption Journey, by giving a good wish and a few prayers!

With Grateful Hearts

Bobby, Tami, Celeste, Noah and Jeremiah

A Good Wish from

Tisra Fadely

Tisra Fadely

In the dark days, in the good days, in the in-between days... I have watched your family TRUST, TRUST, TRUST that their Lord would not abandon them, and that He would be their source for all that is of worth and goodness in this life. If they wavered, I never saw it.

For you, sweet and loved child, I pray that you may know the Father's love- deeply- and that you would be unwavering in your delight over His goodness to you. You are precious in His sight, and in ours.

Time to come home and THRIVE!!!!

Tisra and family"
- Given May 22, 2010
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